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Esthetic Crown Lengthening: Enhancing Your Smile's Natural Beauty

For some individuals, the appearance of their teeth may seem shorter than normal, giving rise to what is commonly known as a "gummy smile." However, this is merely an illusion. The true beauty and contour of their teeth lie hidden beneath an excess of gum tissue. Fortunately, there is a solution to this aesthetic concern. Through a surgical procedure called esthetic crown lengthening, the gumline can be re-contoured to unveil the full extent of the tooth enamel, resulting in an immediate and dramatic improvement to one's smile.


What is Esthetic Crown Lengthening?

Esthetic Crown Lengthening is a surgical technique performed by Dr. Mathew J. Fien at Fienodontics, a renowned dental practice specializing in periodontics and esthetic dentistry. This procedure aims to reshape the gum tissue and expose more of the tooth's surface. It is commonly performed to enhance the health of the gum tissue or prepare the patient's mouth for restorative or cosmetic treatments. Whether it is for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or the entire gum line, esthetic crown lengthening can help achieve a pleasant and aesthetically appealing smile.

Crown lengthening is a versatile and widely practiced procedure that offers numerous benefits, leaving the majority of patients delighted with the results.

Common Reasons for Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening serves various purposes and provides several advantages. Some of the most common reasons individuals opt for this procedure include:

1. Restoration of Damaged Teeth: Periodontal disease, as well as trauma and decay, can lead to severe tooth damage. In cases where teeth are broken beneath the gum line, crown lengthening helps prepare the area for a new restoration, facilitating the correction of damaged teeth.

2. Cosmetic Enhancement: Excessive gum tissue can create the appearance of unnaturally short teeth while also increasing the susceptibility to periodontal infections. By removing the excess gum tissue, Dr. Mathew J. Fien can restore a balanced and healthy look, significantly improving the overall aesthetics of the smile.

3. Dental Crowns: Crown lengthening creates ample space between the supporting jawbone and the dental crown. This prevents the new crown from causing harm to the gum tissues and underlying bone once it is in place.

The Procedure: What to Expect

The crown lengthening procedure at Fienodontics is performed by Dr. Mathew J. Fien, an experienced periodontist. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation: Prior to the procedure, patients will have an initial consultation with Dr. Mathew J. Fien. This is an opportunity to discuss their concerns, goals, and medical history. Dr. Fien will conduct a thorough examination and determine the most suitable treatment plan.
  2. Local Anesthesia: Crown lengthening is typically performed under local anesthesia to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience for the patient.
  3. Incisions and Gum Reshaping: Dr. Mathew J. Fien will make a series of small incisions around the soft tissue to separate the gums from the teeth. Even if only one tooth requires re-contouring, neighboring teeth are often treated to ensure a more uniform reshaping. By separating the gums, Dr. Fien gains access to the tooth roots and the underlying bone.
  4. Tissue and Bone Removal: In some cases, removing a small amount of gumtissue is sufficient to expose enough tooth structure for crown placement. However, there are instances where Dr. Mathew J. Fien may also need to remove a small portion of the surrounding bone. This is typically done using specialized hand and rotary instruments that resemble the drills used in cavity treatment.
  5. Cleaning and Suturing: Once the teeth have been adequately exposed, the surgical site will be cleansed with sterile water, and the gum tissue will be sutured with small stitches. The sutures promote proper healing and ensure the gums adhere to the desired contour.
  6. Post-Surgery Care: Dr. Mathew J. Fien and the team at Fienodontics will provide detailed post-operative instructions to promote optimal healing. This may include prescriptions for pain medication and an antimicrobial mouth rinse to prevent infection. Patients will be advised to follow a soft food diet, avoid strenuous activities, and maintain proper oral hygiene during the recovery period.
  7. Follow-up Appointments: Patients will be scheduled for follow-up appointments at Fienodontics to monitor the healing process and ensure the desired results are achieved. Dr. Mathew J. Fien will provide guidance on maintaining good oral health and offer any necessary post-operative adjustments or additional treatments.

In conclusion, esthetic crown lengthening performed by Dr. Mathew J. Fien at Fienodontics is a highly effective procedure for enhancing the natural beauty of your smile. By re-contouring the gumline, more of your tooth's beauty and contour can be revealed, resulting in a significant improvement in your smile aesthetics. Whether it is for restorative purposes, cosmetic enhancements, or dental crown placement, esthetic crown lengthening offers numerous benefits and is carried out with precision and expertise by Dr. Mathew J. Fien and his experienced team at Fienodontics.

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